how do i contact my Roland VS-880EX to ableton live for mapping?

i got a 

Roland VS-880EX  

and want to map it with ableton live. 

but i dont have any clue how to do that. 

ive already bought an 2.0 usb wire and connected the in and midi outputs to my pc

but no response when i come to the point to configure with the midilearnmode


please help


andywe 5 years ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • colonp
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    You'll need to enable it in the MIDI Sync tab of Preferences. There should be something like "Input: Roland thingy" or "Input: MIDI/Audio interface manufacturor thingy".

    5 years ago | 0 comments
  • andywe
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    "usb 2.0 device" displayed:/ and the signal notification in the upper corner of ableton doesnt react when i push a button 

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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