How do I connect headphones to the APC40 and listen to a song while another is playing on speakers?

I'm using the APC40 with Abelton 8. How or what do I need to do or get in order for me to be able to hear a song that I want to play next but while another song is playing on speakers?


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  • Ableton_David
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    The APC40 is a MIDI controller and does not have audio I/O - you're looking for an audio interface of some kind. If you'd like to have cue and main outputs in stereo, then you'll need one with at least 4 outs. 

    You might be confused by the 1/4" jacks at the back of the APC40 - these are for input signals from footswitch controllers.

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  • stivert
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    If you want to use a CUE output, whose output level and source clip selection can be controlled directly from the APC40, you'll need an audio interface with more than 2 outputs.

    You'll configure Live to use e.g. outputs 1 and 2 as the stereo pair playing to the speakers, and assign outputs 3 and 4 as cue outputs.  Connect your headphones to the 3-4 outputs.

    Now you can pre-listen to clips WITHOUT playing them through the main speakers but only through your headphones (outputs 3-4), by pressing their respective "solo/cue" button. Adjust the cue level with the cue level knob, to prelisten at a comfortable level.

    Dont forget to release the cue buttons when ready to play these clips through the main speakers ;-)





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