How do I connect and map Roland A-49 ?

I have and it came along with Ableton Live Lite 9.5 license. I went to "Preferences" --> "MIDI Sync" but I can't find any control surface preset that matches my MIDI Controller.

There is a similar one, "Roland A PRO" but my keyboard is not a PRO model, so it makes no sense to go with this option. Basically, there are only 2 buttons I want to adjust, nothing special. I am just asking out of curiosity.


drpaneas 1 year ago | 1 comment

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  • neeve82
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    I own the A-49. All A range products whether Pro or normal are similar to each other.
    The A-49 is just a stripped down version of the Pro but the knobs have the same functionality.

    I added Roland A Pro as a Control Surface and the two rotary knobs of the A-49 control the selected track's first/most popular two parameters.

    I don't know about the other buttons though. That's how I got to this post.

    11 months ago | 0 comments

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