How do I connect a external synth using MIDI with the NI Kontrol S4 to Ableton Live?


I want to connect a vintage synth, the Roland Juno 106, using MIDI to my Kontrol S4, to record, control and play in Ableton Live. I can't get the Juno to show up in Live's list of connected MIDI surfaces/devices.

First of all, is this possible? The S4 has MIDI I/O but using all the default
settings I haven't managed to get it to appear as a MIDI surface in Ableton Live.

I have connected my Juno 106 using two MIDI-cables. OUT from the Juno to IN on the S4, and vice versa. I have set the MIDI channel on the Juno 106 to 1. I have tried to find the channel settings for the S4 but I presume the default setting is channel 1 anyway? Also, I have connected the Juno using two RCA sound cables, OUT from the Juno to the IN 3/4 inputs on the S4. And that works! I can record sound using this method. But I want MIDI control as well.

Also, I use the Kontrol S4 as a sound card. My Ableton Live is a paid product.

I've contacted native instruments regarding this and they asked if I wished to control the S4 using the external keyboard. That is not my aim. For example, I wish to use the arpeggiator to control and record the sounds from the Juno.


NI Kontrol S4 back:

Oh, and I use a MacBook Pro!



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  • colonp
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    Does the S4 not show up under "MIDI ports"? The stuff above with control surface etc. is for controllers with special setups for Live (such as Launchpad, APC40 etc).

    Seems more like an S4 problem than a Live problem to me, so good on you for contacting NI also.

    5 years ago | 1 comment
  • colonp
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    Sorry, didn't see your comment.

    I would say it should show up in Live even without the Juno connected.

    It should look like this but with MIDI output enabled also (afaik track is notes and remote is cc, ie. knobs/nonkey buttons):


    5 years ago | 2 comments
  • Tonka3000
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    I solved the issue! OSX and the Kontrol S4 wasn't communicating so I had to go to MIDI settings in OSX and then inside "MIDI window" and search for MIDI devices.

    Now everything works like a charm.... FINALLY

    Thanks all for helping out though.


    5 years ago | 0 comments

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