How do I configure an SPD-S and Push so I can use Push's drum rack clip record functionality without losing playability from the SPD when I switch Push's focus afterwards?

I want to be able to record sequences using Push's great drum rack clip record functionality, but in a more expressive manner using the SPD-S. What I have is a track with a drum rack with All Ins for the midi input, and then Push is the midi in for all other tracks.

From here, when I have Push focused on the drum track, I am able to play the drum rack from either the Push OR the SPD - which is perfect. From here, I am able to build clips using the Push's record button and hitting the SPD pads instead. The grid fills in nicely with the midi notes as if I was using Push to actually tap out my beat.

But where I run into my problem is when I have my drum loop all set and I switch my Push to focus on a new track to play a new instrument. At this point, I may be playing a synth line, but still would like the ability to hit my SPD pads to play one-off hits. In other words, when I want to control 2 tracks simultaneously with my 2 separate controllers, I cannot because Ableton will not continue to monitor midi on the drum track when Push's focus is somewhere else.

Can anyone think of a workaround to solve this? Is there a conflict with this functionality that I'm not seeing?

Your help is greatly appreciated!!!


cowbotic 4 years ago | 0 comments

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