How do I chop and slice on Live 9 Lite?

I recently got Ableton Live Lite 9 And I'm trying to figure out how to chop and slice. I've watched videos where I have to warp it and after that there's an option to slice to MIDI track but I don't have that option. Is chopping and slicing not available to Lite users or is there another way of doing so?


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  • TumbleweedBob
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    Probably a bit late for Smurf92104, but if you do read this pal, you should have stuck with Ableton and used the "Simpler" feature that comes with it.

    Go to "Instruments" then double click "Simpler", then simply drag any sample in to Simpler and you can then slice it up easily using a huge variety of built in algorithms, from "slice by beat" to "slice by division" and even a "Manual slice" feature whereby you pick and choose where you want the slice transients to go.

    It's dead simple (probably why they chose the name) and it's deadly powerful, so once you get to grips with all the possibilities, you'll never go back :-)

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  • Soundtrackband
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    Simpler doesnt work period. How you actually make the sample play while you find the start and end points is anyone's guess. You have to have an external midi device which is fine on one level, but the fact that ableton couldn't put a play once and loop play button inside of a sampler says a lot about the thought that went into this.

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Live 9 Lite does not have the slice to midi option. You can see this in the comparison chart on this website.

    However, you do have the new simpler: and that also has a slicing option. So try that or upgrade to a version that does have the slice function.

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  • Smurf92104
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    I bought the Launchpad to just play with as I like the  idea of creating live remixes on the fly. Well I have to say, not being able to slice and create my own little samples sucks. I'M not going to spend any more money on some software just so I can play with the new toy, it's going back to the store and I'm getting my money back. So beware anyone who bought a Launchpad to play with. If you don't buy the $700 software, it's no good.

    11 months ago | 1 comment

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