How do I change where the beat track can start?

I have watched endless tutorials and looked up so many questions but still can't find the answer. I am a singer so I recorded the guitar with audio and I wanted to add a drum beat to the chorus. I recorded what I wanted (midi clip) but each time I try to move the clip to just the chorus it still loops throughout the entire song! It's probably a simple trick but I can not figure it out for the life of me. I have tried dragging it into the arrangement view, cutting parts, deleting parts, but each time I press play the drum loop starts playing right away. Thanks.


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  • hilker
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    If the drum-loop clip is playing in Session View, this will override whatever's in Arrangement View. Press the Back to Arrangement button to make sure that just the Arrangement plays. See section 4.4 of the Live Manual for more info.

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