How do I change the panning of an individual note

So i have a loop in the drum rack and i have a group of 32nd notes that are hi hats that i want panned to the left and the next group after that i want panned to the right but i can find anything that lets me do that. Like in FL Studios you can change it on the bottom where the velocity is.


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    Several ways to do that. Select the midi clip. Go to clip editor and activate 'envelopes' button. In the 2 boxes under the envelope tab you can select the function you want to change. Open the first one, select the kit and sound you want to work on. Find the sound you are working on and select mixer. In the second box, select 'chain panorama'. You can then draw the automation in the clip for panning. Another way: put a utility plugin on the sound, find the plugin in the same way i described before and draw in the automation.

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