How do I change a Scene's follow action, mid-scene?

Essentially, I'm looking to create a "cycle" button functionality.  Let's say I've got a song with 8 defined "scenes" in session view.  Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse2... so on... each its own scene.

I've set follow actions on each clip in each scene, in order to seamlessly move through song sections.  Now 9 times out of 10, that's awesome.  I want to play through the scenes in order with no changes.

However, what if I need to repeat a scene?  This seems crazy.  Ableton, by default, cycles a scene that is launched.  But because I have follow actions set on the clips of that scene, I can't find a way to temporarily change those follow actions to "Play Again", until we're ready to move on in the song, changing it back to "Next".

Things I've tried:

- Isotonik Studios Follow 4 Plug-in (problems with Max4Live in Standard 9.6)

- MIDI mapping to the "Launch Scene" button that appears when the MIDI tab is active.  This would work, except for the fact that scenes do not automatically "highlight" when they are launched.  I cannot figure out how to keep the 'currently playing scene' SELECTED or HIGHLIGHTED beyond the 'next' one.

- Dummy Midi clips using IAC Driver.  It just ended up being more complicated than I ever thought possible for something this simple.

- Obviously, changing the "Follow Action" under the "Launch" settings for a clip, but this is not a map-able parameter.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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    I am looking at this now too.  Maybe in the future a "midi automated follow select" would be cool.  For now,  I would duplicate each scene that might be looped and launch that scene whenever you feel like looping.  Then get ready to jump back into place when you have had enough looping.  I am a bit new with Ableton Live so please forgive me for implying that there is no way to do it.  I just haven't found it yet, and this would be my workaround.

              I have found that the "loop" button for a scene is midi selectable, but it does not pre-empt the follow function.  

             What about this way?   Step #!:  Go to Arrangement mode and make one scene that plays the song in its entirety.  Then paste it into Session mode as usual.  Now your whole song will play in sequence without any "follows" required, but you can set a loop point (only one though) and the loop on/off is midi selectable.   Even though there is only one loop point set at any one time,  the "set" button (located down by the loop button) is midi learnable.  So you can reset you loop points while playing real time.  You have to set them within the global quantize "window" so it means you have to be accurate and on time.  Sounds hectic but possible.  I still think the workaround that I posted up top is best for me.  

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  • S4racen
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    You can acheive this with MaxforLive -

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