How do I back up my Ableton set library?

I know that the "Collect all and Save" function exists, but (as far as i understand) this only works for one set at a time. In my library, i have countless sets so doing this every once in a while would be incredibly time consuming.

Does anyone know of a simple way to do a backup of Live Set data? I already take backups of my set folder, and I assume i'll need to back up samples and external VSTs, but is there something else I also need to do? If I then loaded all of these (with identical file paths) to a new computer (if this one fails), will they just load up as if nothing has happened? Or will they be broken in some way?

Thanks all


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    If you simply "collect all and save" before you exit a Liveset, Ableton will save all the audiofiles and additional info into the project folder. If you do this every time you worked on a liveset, there should be no problems.
    In your preferences you can select which files Ableton saves in the project folder. Simply select all files, so library files are also saved in the same folder.

    So theoretically, if you use exactly the same folders and names on the new computer, it should be fine. But i would really suggest to always use the 'collect all and save' function to make a project fully independent.
    In the worst case you can use the automatic search function to locate missing samples/clips.

    Hope this helps!

    When you copy these folders to a new computer, all the audio information will be available when you open it.
    For vst's: just copy the vst's to your new computer, including all the additional info and folders. Some of them may have to be reinstalled on the new computer. Then select the custom vst folder in the preferences. If the vst you used in a certain project is available in the set folder, Live will automatically recognise it when you open the project.

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