How do I automate the pitch of a drum sample in the Drum Rack?

I want to be able to have the pitch of a specific sample automated over time. For example, a tom that dips in pitch towards the end, or a bass drum that slowly rises in pitch over time.

I do know how to set the drums to a set pitch, but I'm looking to be able to more or less "pitch bend" the drums with automation.


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    Hi there, 

    When you are recording a drum clip, you can also alter the "transpose" of the drum rack sound while you are recording, and this automation will be recorded into the clip ( make sure "automation arm" and session record" are active ). 

    Doubleclick on the drumrack cell to see the sample display, and look for the "transpose" function, which should be set to "0 st" by default. 

    More information about this can be found in our manual right here:



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