How do I assign a series of piano keys?

I'd like to assign a load of buttons on the launchpad to individual piano notes. I do not have any equipment, though have Live 9 and was hoping there was a way of importing a piano / notes, the same way as you can with a drum rack?




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  • wileykyoto
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    I did something similar to use my launchpad the same way push is used for playing synths. with only notes in the scale. It was a fairly lengthy process to do so. But if you really want to it's relatively simple. Alternatively you can use the automap software to change each note. But for doing this in Ableton follow this: 

    Drop a midi effect rack into a midi track that has your launchpad as an input. (User page 1 is already set up to play midi notes)

    Create a chain for every button you want to be a new midi note. In each chain place a "Pitch" midi effect.

    For each chain set the Pitch->Lowest = midi note in of the given button and Pitch->Range = 0 (this only allows the given midi note through, there by filtering out only a single button.)

    Next adjust Pitch->Pitch up or down to shift the incoming midi note to the desired note.

    Once this is done for every button you're ready to use your remapped midi notes to play whatever instrument you like.


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  • joesnothome
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    I found a script that will allow you to use launch pad as a step sequencer as well as picking a scale for instruments. has the DL link and user manual. 


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