How do I adjust the range size in Sampler?

I wish to distribute 67 samples across 67 consecutive MIDI notes. Currently when I select 'distribute ranges equally' in the Zone window of Sampler the samples are assigned to a range of two or three midi notes each, from C-2 to B8, thereby using up twice as much keyboard range as I would like. 

How do I distribute ranges equally where the range of each sample is only one MIDI note?



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    The solution is to select all samples (which are each covering the full range of the Zone editor) and drag their common range to a number of notes that corresponds to the number of samples. Then select 'distribute ranges equally" and the samples will be each a signed to a single note in that range of notes.

    Btw, why is the Forum no longer linked from the Ableton website? That's almost as inane as not allowing clips to loop without them being warped.

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