How do I add Remote SL's Master Scene Launch Instant Mapping to other templates?


In Novation's natively supported instant map settings for mixer control for the Remote SL series, the central 3 buttons on the far left move the highlighted scene up and down and fire the Master Scene (labeled 4,5, and 6 in the first diagram for the Remote SL series under Natively Supported Control Surfaces in the Control Surface Reference under the Help View).

If you go into manual midi assignment mode, these 3 buttons will send CC messages 1/81, 1/82/,1/83 respectively. However, on other templates on the Remote these dedicated interface buttons will not send MIDI messages, as far as I understand, even if I change the midi port and channel to the same as that for the Live native control template (assuming I am doing this correctly).

I would like all my Live-related templates to use this same mixer functionality, namely that each template permits me to move up and down on scenes and fire off the master scene. Frankly, I'd like the two buttons directly below and above these to be midi assignable as well. Any thoughts?

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    For starters, I did break down and just copy the instant mapping template to another number on the remote. That will do the trick. I don't like the editor it came with all that much, and I know that I'm going to overlook some functionality that I already saved to the other template that I'm rebuilding just to get those 3 buttons to work on it. Nonetheless, it is a functioning solution. I'll use the number that I copied to as scratch, until it works exactly like the template I'm reconstructing. Thanks to yur2die4 on the boards!

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