How can you get the correct unit for a mapped parameter displayed automatically with Max for Live?

Hi I already asked this question in the forum, but I haven't received an answer...

So please, Answers, answer me:

I tried this awesome Max-for-Live-Kinect-Combo called synapsekinect (check and which let's you map kinect events like "right hand up" to parameter ranges in live.

Unfortunately you can only set the ranges based on numbers without any unit for the parameter you are controlling. F.ex. if you map the lfo sync rate on simpler, you have to figure out the range from 1 to 15 or so to get values between 1 bar and 1/16th.

It would be nice to get the correct unit displayed next to the min/max-values once have mapped an kinect event to a parameter, just like when you map a macro knob to a parameter.

Has this information been documented somewhere or can you help me to get m4l/live to display the correct unit? Thanks in advance for your replies!


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  • barstu
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    Hi I also asked this on the forum.  I noticed this post over at cycling74 recently which pretty much concludes it's not possible currently.  I hope Ableton address this.


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  • dataf1ow
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    If you address the parameter with the LOM, you can get min, max, and also value of the selected parameter. I haven't tried this myself yet, but I think it could work.  

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