How Can You Get a Good Start With Drums

I've been working with Ableton for a few months now but the main aspect that I've been struggling with it creating drum beats.  I'm not a fan of using clips or loops so I want to make them from scratch myself, however, I've found this incredibly difficult.  I've seen countless videos on drum processing but I'm not really sure where to begin in terms of finding drum samples to begin with.  What does the process look like for you?  Do you use others' drum racks?  Also, do you find yourself tarting from scratch for each song or do you re-use drum racks?


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  • Hauke
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    Hey, I had the same problem. Try this: Make a simple beat with impulse. Then just hot-swap different presets. If there is something you may like, duplicate the track, disable it and look for more. Some of my beats are made from two or more Drum presets. I just record them to a new audio track and can use some nice effects then.

    Also try to use some mastering or processing effects on the whole drums or just on a single one. A difference between Live and other DAW (Reason, FL) is, that you don´t have "good" sound from scratch. I was a long time disappointed of the sound that came out of my beats because they had no punch. I was affraid to use too much effects. But then I just tried the almost unlimited possibilities of Live to make it sound good and now it´s getting better :)

    Another good thing is to play with the groove pool and try some different grooves on your beat.

    And remember, there are professionals (also private talents) out there who are doing nothing else then producing beats every day. So don´t expect too much at the beginning ;)

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  • Funk N. Furter
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    @OP, what kind of music do you want to make? 

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  • penguinpajamas
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    Thanks for the replies guys.  To answer your question funken, I'm looking to make a lot of different types of music.  My idea is not to stick to any given genre so I can keep my music diverse.

    By the way I've been finding some solutions to my problems now with a lot of exploration as creating drum racks.  My question now is, what are your techniques for keeping the drum beat diverse?  I imagine that the drumming is primarily looped but I'm curious as to what you guys to do keep it diverse throughout the song. 

    Again, thanks for all of the input.

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  • david.barker
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    Hi there
    Im a new user of Ableton,and use Abletons clips,and drums to help me out.I too suffer from writers block,sometimes,ha,ha
    So what I do is have a look in,Lives "clips section,under drums,for ideas

    If you click on any of the drums ,there is a drum rack or two,click on that and a midi clip will be seen,to drop onto the midi track
    On the bottom of the session view,you will see the midi clip,mouse click on that and you will see the beats made for that clip.
    You can use that to give you an idea how to start to set out your drum patterns.
    there are many ways of using drums,start off this way to get an idea or two.

    Also post your question onto the music/audio forums for quick answers and help too

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