How can use an adg rythm ?



I click on "drums"

I take the the first "adg" file. For me it's "7y9a kit.adg".

I drag it to the panel to make clip and I have the sound set.

I don't want the sound set I want the rythm.

The rythm I can hear when I click on the little headphones.


I want to use the rythm I can hear and not create a new one.

How can I do that?




PS. I'm french and I hope you can understand my explanations.


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  • hilker
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    Right-click on 7y9A Kit.adg, choose "Show in Places." This shows that the drum kit is part of the "Konkrete Breaks" Live Pack.

    Right-click on Konkrete Breaks, choose "Show in Finder" (Mac)/"Show in Explorer" (Windows). This opens a window of your OS's file browser.

    Using the OS file browser, navigate into the Konkrete Breaks folder (on a Mac, you need to right-click and choose "Show Package Contents" - I'm not sure how it works on Windows), then Ableton Folder Info→Previews→Drums.

    Here you'll find "7y9A Kit.adg.ogg," the preview rhythm file. Drag the file into your set and have fun.

    Note that if you want the preview rhythm for a drum kit that is part of the Core Library (which almost always have "Core" in the filename), the "Show in Finder/Explorer" command doesn't work. Instead, open a file browser window and go to the location specified in

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  • Dobebop
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    Thank you. I found the file.

    I understand They don't think about put the midi file with the set.

    You can hear something but you can't use it easly.


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