How can Push or APC 40 control the Sends from drum rack ?

How can I control the Sends in a drumrack with the Push or APC 40 controller ?
The Sends from audio or midi tracks can be controlled over APC 40 or Push but
For example Send A,B,C for 8 tracks but when I Open up a track with a drumrack the controller 's see not the internal drum rack Sends how regular track Send..
I found . A manuel mapping only way ?...
Is that right ... That Push have no mode to control the drumrack Sends...
Any Idea ?
second is it right that APC 40 or Push can not Foldup a drumrack track in the sessionview how a grouped track can be unfold with SCHIFT track BUTTON on the APC 40'for Example.I dont know this drumrack device is really new for me a


S.Rueckwardt 4 years ago | 2 comments

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