how can I use Yamaha QX5 with Live?

I've plugged Midi cables in & out into Motu Ultralite. Only Ultralite In shows up in Midi Config, not the Out (!).

I have also MidiYoke (headache) running.

On a Midi Track the signal of QX5 seems running but I can't manage to hear any sound (I've made a clip with a beat).

Could you please give me some tips to follow?




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    Have you tried putting an "external instrument" unit on the midi track, and setting the correct inputs and outputs?

    If that doesn't do anything, maybe this will work; insert a midi track, set output to the desired midi channel that you are using for the Yamaha.
    Then insert an audio track, and set the input to "in" and select the audio channels (L+R) that the yamaha is using.
    Needless to say that there should also be audio cables going from the synth to the audio interface too.

    Now, if you drawsome notesin the midi clip,and start it, you should hear the synth playing in the audio track.
    The only disadvantage is, that you have to record your synth parts realtime...

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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