How can I use macros to change vst parameters in personalised increments?


I'm using Ableton Suite 9.

I've been trying different ways to to use 1 knob to scan through a number of specific parameter changes on my Orange Vocoder vst plugin [specifically the pitch of its Oscillator A].

However, I don't wish to simply assign 1 macro to the whole range of -24 to +24 semitones on Oscillator A.

I would like the macro instead to allow me to scan through/jump between specific pitch settings like, for example, -24, -12, -7, 0, +5, +7, +12, etc.

I currently know of two ways of doing this, that are not quite what I want -

1. using multiple chains on an effect rack with multipe instances of the Orange Vocoder VST pasted in to each chain, each with a slightly different fixed Oscillator A value, which I have chosen. I imagine this to be a very CPU intensive solution, and I fear it quite likely to crash with all the quick jumping between each chain.

2. using dummy clips [each one containing a different fixed automation/parameter value for Oscillator A] over the audio channel through which the Orange Vocoder is playing. I think this solution only really works by using various pads/buttons/midi keys [and perhaps follow-on values] to trigger each different dummy clip/Oscillator A pitch change]. This doesn't quite work for me as I just want 1 macro knob to flick between each pitch change.

I know I'm probably being greedy. But if anyone can think of a creative way for me to achieve this goal I'll be eternally grateful! This is something I want to use live and it's therefore important for me to try to achieve it in the least CPU intensive way possible.

Please forgive me if there is an obvious solution and I'm being a total wally!



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