How can I use a Wacom tablet with Live?


When I alter a parameter the mouse pointer control acts jittery and 'jumps away' fast into the direction I'm dragging.


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    In order to prevent the awkward mouse pointer behaviour when using a Wacom tablet you can add the folowing line to your options.txt file:


    This only works with Live 8.0.2 and later.


    How to use Options.txt

    Create a text file called "Options.txt" in the same folder where Live's Preferences.cfg file is located. Here's where to find the preferences folder (Live 6.0.9 or higher):

    • Mac OS X: /User/Library/Preferences/Ableton
    • Windows (Live 4 and later versions): C:/Documents and Settings/yourusername/Application Data/Ableton/Live/Preferences
    • Windows Vista/Win7: c:/users/username/appdata/roaming/ableton/live/preferences/

    Note that on some Windows systems the application data folder is hidden by default. Here is what you have to do to make it visible:

    Windows XP/2000

    1. Launch Explorer.
    2. Select Tools/Folder Options/View.
    3. Check "Show hidden files and folders."


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    Also make sure the Options.txt file does not have any 'rich text' formatting but is a plain text file.

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    The answer above is a little unclear..

    This should help:

    Works for me in Live 9.0.4 on a mac

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    Hi...i had the same Problem. TEXT EDIT does NOT create a .txt file!!!

    I used OpenOffice (you can also any other Office Programm) saved the Options.txt as .txt (not formated) works!!!

    Hope this helped...



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    mac users:

    to create a plain text document within TextEdit, open a new document and choose from the menu: Format > Make Plain Text. (Cmd+Shift+T also gets it done)

    this action will also convert any text file to plain text, and can be performed on a rich text format file (.rtf and the like) - losing any formatting information (font, size, attachments etc.), leaving you with the desired plain text.

    this will allow you to save a .txt file.

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    i tried everything you say and i still have the same problem. i used TEXT EDIT to create my plain text document.

    Please help me :-)

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