How can I trigger Ableton to send a status update to my BCR2000?

I have used MIDI controllers with Live ever since I switched over to it as my main DAW six years ago. One of my favorite bangs-for-the-buck has been the Behringer BCR2000. I would like to be able to change presets on the BCR on-the-fly to address multiple devices, but the BCR always recalls the controller positions that were last used on the newly selected preset, throwing it out of sync with Live. One workaround I recently discovered is that hitting the MIDI Map Select Mode Switch twice (putting Live in and then out of MIDI Map mode) causes Live to send out status data to the controller so it is synced with Live. This gets me where I want to be but I find it a bit clunky of a process. It also seems to risk inadvertent controller remapping if Live were to receive incoming messages between the clicks. Is there a more elegant way to trigger Live to send controller status with a single button or, better yet, is there a message I can program into the user banks of my controller that could cause Live to send status updates every time I load a new controller patch? I've been searching all over for this, but so far I have no good leads.

Thanks in advance


mnebulus 4 years ago | 0 comments

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