How can I sync Ableton (master pc) to Tracktor Pro 2 (slave laptop) via Midi cable

I am running Ableton live 8.2.2 on my Desktop pc Win 7 and I want to make it a master sync with tracktor pro 2 on a laptop win 7 via a midi cable connected from the output of maschine controller (loaded as vst into live) and the midi input of tracktor kontroll s4 device.


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  • alien factory
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    The video is about syncing both Programs with Traktor as Master and not Ableton!!! The origin question was about Traktor being the master...



    I have to run Traktor as Slave, because when Ableton is Slave the plug-in compensation does not work anymore (that means that Maschine as a plug-in in Ableton Live is out of sync)
    So it's no problem to get the sync signal from Ableton into Traktor, works...
    BUT, of course they don't align well together and as in Traktor you can't adjust incoming midi sync signals (only outgoing sync signals can be delayed), this has to be done in Ableton...
    But there's no difference when i change the sync delay in Ableton even when I adjust it minus 200ms or plus 200ms (where at least you should hear that the sync is really off sync)
    Anyone else who runs Traktor in slave mode and is able to align the sync signals correctly?
    Any help is appreciated...
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  • Bacid90210
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  • crashMOP
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    I am having a hard time getting the sync signal to send from traktor to ableton.  Is it better to have ableton to be the master and the slave be traktor?  I also have a win based laptop running win 7.

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