How can I successfully export audio as a song, which simply sounds just like how I recorded it??

Hello - firstly, thank you in advance for chiming in to offer advice.

I'm trying to do what should really be an extremely straightforward task: exporting audio as a wav file.  I've tried every suggestion I've come across, the steps are outlined below.

1. select all tracks I want to export as audio, and select "Export Audio/Video" from the file menu

2. make sure all tracks' output set to "Master"

3. in the pop-up, select 1) Rendered track = Master, 2) file type: WAV, 3) Sample rate: 44100, 4) bit depth: 16, 5) dither: triangular, everything else default (off).

4. the result is either complete silence, or picking up pieces of maybe a track or two here and there (with wildly varying quality throughout, but always bad, chippy quality), and rest of tracks silent.  this is the result no matter what bit, sample rate, etc permutation i use.

5. i then read something that suggested i need to enable loop, either in interface (Edit=>Loop Selection) or pop-up ("Render as loop"). In both cases, i at least get the beach ball for maybe twenty minutes, then Live crashes.  But usually, it crashes the entire laptop itself, and takes about 10 minutes to even reboot.

So, absolutely no ability to export to audio, which is a little like buying a car that doesn't go.  What's the point of this if I can't create completed songs.  This should not only work, but actually be the simplest part of the software, and at this price point, it's inability to do either is extremely frustrating.  At the least, the 8,000 page manual should devote more than a page and half, at least have more detailed troubleshooting.

I can't imagine it's a hardware issue, as I have an October 2013 Macbook Pro, 16g of RAM, 2.6ghz processor, etc etc.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  And, to be clear, I'm completely expecting this to be user error, just wish the documentation was a bit more robust so I could piece through it myself.  Also, not sure if this is relevant, but I'm trying to export a single take (just press record and go) of 6 audio tracks and one midi track.  And it's certainly way under the 2gig limit.


codyfunk 3 years ago | 0 comments

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  • ConfettiTsunami
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    Hi Codyfunk,

    Create an audio Track send all your other tracks through it and then arm and record that track in real time. Open up the newly recorded audio file in your OS browser without going through Export Audio/Video what happens?

    Secondly try exporting without a Dithering selected and let me know. The first way should work but its slow and a bit annoying but its a solution untill we can work out the real issue.

    3 years ago | 1 comment
  • codyfunk
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.  Actually turned out to be much simpler - my Motu 828 Hybrid was causing all sorts of issues with my laptop, this included.

    3 years ago | 0 comments

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