How can I stop midi track from bleeding into audio track?

Hi there!

I am recording my bass guitar into Ableton and record along to some stock Midi drums, and I can't get rid of this issue in which the recorded bass track comes out with a faint recording of the Midi drums!

My setup is this: bass plugged into amp which is running into an interface connected to my computer. The amp is not actually outputting any sound beyond what comes through my headphones. 

I suspect it may be an issue with the pickups of my bass picking up the Midi drum audio coming through my headphones. However, I am not blasting the drums through the headphones, and even when I lower the gain knobs on my bass and have the drums playing pretty quietly through the headphones, they still come through in the bass track recording faintly. 

Has anyone else encountered this issue or have any suggestions?








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    I haven't recorded live instruments with Ableton, nor do I own an instrument, however do you think by chance it could be your audio interface? If you have another one lying around you could try using that one instead and see if that gives you the same issue. Another place to check would be in Ableton's preferences for your audio device.


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