How can I solve the big signal manipulation for EQ or autofilter of DJing left/right channels ???


my DJsetup in LIVE standard

Returns A (Deck 1,2,3,4) and B (Deck 5,6,7,8) are for FX and EQ
Returns C (Deck 1,2,3,4) and D (Deck 5,6,7,8) are for further FX

the EQ-effect on the master-track is much bigger as on the Return-Tracks.....this is normal....
When I take the tracks "sending only" to master track...the effect is similar

How can I solve the big signal manipulation for EQ or autofilter of DJing left/right channels ???




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    Don't quite understand your question, I think. If you put any effect on the master channel, that means EVERY sound will go through this. So changing settings on those effects will of course have a clear impact on the sound. This is exactly the same for any dj mixer; master channel effects will affect everything, while channel effects only affect that one channel. And send fx only affect the signals that are sent to it, depending on the amount.

    So if you want the EQ and filter effects to be less obvious, you should just use them more subtle. Another option would be to use it like a send effect; turn it into a rack, put EQ or filter on one chain, add a "dry" chain and assign a knob to control the dry/wet signal between the 2 chains. This way you can change how much the master signal will be affected.


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  • rr.energie
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    Tanx for your tipps


    my workaround for last gig:

    For each track 1,2,3,4 one separate EQ and the same MIDI-mapping for Deck A
    and for track 5,6,7(vinyl!),8 the same working for Deck B.
    So I can better controlled with my Faderfox DJ3/ Novation Launchcontrol XL the set. The EQ changes were more direct.

    For the FX I use still the return tracks

    with this change, I am quite satisfied but i think not professional


    PS: I saw the DJset of Veronica Vasicka at Dekmantel with an M-Audio Evolution UC33e...I would like to see her setup...

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