How can I send midi-Notes from a Instrument Rack to a different midi-track?

Hey Guys,
I play layered & split-Synths in a band using Abletons Instrument Racks. So for every song I have 2-5 Tracks with Intrument racks, representing the parts of a song. For 10 songs it makes about 40 Massive presets that are open all the time and many other stuff, so my CPU is at 20-30% without playing a single note. 

But I never need more than 3 Massive Sounds at a time, so I thought about changing the presets via Midi-control-changes. But still want to keep my instrument Rack-Tracks with all the other Instruments loaded in. 

So my question ist: 
How can I have a Instrument Rack or what device do I need, to send the Midi Notes to a different Midi track? 


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