How can I see the full device view for impulse presets?

Hi all,

I'm new to Ableton and am following the intro "Creating Beats" lesson in Live Lite. 

My problem is that when I open up the Backbeat Room preset all I can see is the macro control panel, not the full Impulse device view -- so I can change volumes of the different components of the kit but I can't access the full range of Impulse controls.

This seems to be same for all presets, except for the Soft Saturated one. For some reason if I drop Soft Saturated into a track I get the full device view, with access to all the Impulse parameters.

How do I unlock this view for all other presets?




mdwilson 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • hilker
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    On the macro control panel, just left of where the device's title appears is the Device Activator button. Below that are three more buttons: Show/Hide Macro Controls, Show/Hide Chain List, and Show/Hide Devices. Click on Show/Hide Devices, the bottom button, for the full device view.

    1 year ago | 2 comments

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