How can I save a drum rack with all included samples to use in another project ?? Also why don't my warped clips that I drag into a drum rack tempo sync??

saving drums racks


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    A good way to do this is to actually have your samples organized beforehand, in explorer or finder folders. This will allow you to find and create drum racks by navigating to each folder quickly or searching with the new search bar.

    After you have that, the easiest way to do it is to just make the drum rack exactly as you want it to appear when you load it into your future sets, and save it with the little floppy disk icon in the upper right hand corner of the condensed drum rack with just the macros showing.

    If, however, you want to give your pack to someone else, a different procedure is required.

    Once again, you want to create the drum rack and save it. Ok, you should have done that in the previous steps. Now, what you need to do is drag that saved preset into the "Places" area into the section called "Current Project". Once you have dragged into there, you should see 3 folders:

    your ableton set, your samples folder, and now your adg file.

    Then you want to click in the blank space beneath the files/folders and click manage project. This will create an area on the right side of the screen where you can export your current project as a live pack, after you hit yes for the "collect into project" button for the samples.

    To answer your second question, your samples are no longer warped to whatever tempo you warped them to outside of the simpler. Warping is simply stretching and condensing of the audio sample. It has nothing to do with simpler. Once you put a sample in, all of your marks will automatically be deleted. You need to create a new sample from your warped sample in order to keep the warp markers in there.

    However, you will not be able to change the tempo willy nilly and expect the samples to follow that tempo. It doesn't happen with your drum samples, it is not going to happen with your longer samples. Each sample is only good at it's original tempo.

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