How can i prevent a plugin from overriding my computer keyboard?

For anyone that produces "complextro" of styles similar to it. There are times when you need to design the perfect sound to fit a quarter or eighth note section (or however long it needs to be) When doing this i like to loop a section and then design a sound on the fly in vst synth plugin. What i am noticing though is that when i the synth, it takes over my computer keyboard and then i can't use any of commands in Live without first clicking on the Live window. There are times when i would simply like to press the space bar to stop the loop from playing or to lauch different sections in my arrangement without having to take my attention away from my plugin. This is a really annoying problem that i run into basically everytime i make a new track? Yes i know i can just click on the live window to get the key commands working again, but i shouldn't have to. And i could work around this by using a midi controller but i am trying to train myself to produce as efficiently as possible on just my laptop. Help please!


mid_knight 5 years ago | 0 comments

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    The plug-in's GUI, which may respond to certain key presses, is inside a separate floating window, and due to window management those key presses the GUI is responsive to are "stolen" by it as long as it is in focus. That has to more do with window management than with the individual plug-in, or with Live - however, those shortcuts which are unique to Live should still be responded to.

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  • mid_knight
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    Yeah they should but they don't. Just before i wrote this i randomly brushed my fingers around the keyboard. absolutely no key commands work. Am i the only one having this problem?

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