How can I keep launchpad pro in 64 pad mode?

Hey all, 

I'd like to use my launchpad pro to control one drum rack for my entire live set. In order to do that, I was thinking of using the pro in standalone drum layout mode for performances and setting the midi input to standalone, to prevent the launchpad from ever changing to note mode when I select another midi track in the middle of a show.  

The catch is I'd ALSO like to retain the functionaity of the pro's "record" button, among other things. (Ideally I'd like to be able to use "click" and "quantize" as well.) But when I assign one of pro's left side CC buttons to the record button in live in order to do that in drum layout, it only records for as long as I'm holding the button. That's because CCs only transmit momentary MIDI data. 

To solve the issue:

Can I get MIDI CCs to function as toggle, rather than momentary?

Or is there another way to retain the functionality of launchpad pro features like "record" and "click" buttons in drum layout mode?

Or, pulling the issue from its roots, is there a way to ensure that launchpad pro stays in 64-pad mode no matter what track I select or alter in the live set while performing?

Thanks so much for the help. Loving the ableton comminuty. 


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    This may be a cheeky and somewhat annoying answer to your question, but why don't you just get a Push?

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