How can I integrate SuperCollider with Ableton Live?

I've been experimenting with SuperCollider and I'd like to integrate it into my Ableton Live workflow. I have a few ideas:

  • Integrate with JackOSX and route audio channels to and from Live (
  • Use the SuperColliderAU plugin

I've found JackOSX to be really confusing, and the SuperColliderAU interface to be limited and buggy. (In fact I can't get it working.)

Has anyone else tried to integrate SuperCollider and Live? What did you do?


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    It is possible to use SuperColliderAU with Live: I have been successfully using it to build standalone AU plugins that validate, have controllable parameters, etc etc… yes, there are some limitations to the generic interface but it is a very serviceable option for integrating the two, depending of course on what your specific needs are...

    The trouble is: progress on SuperColliderAU seems to have lagged a bit and the build files are out of date… I'm not sure if that explains the problems you've had getting it to work…

    I'm actually in the process of hammering out a tutorial of sorts on how to get it up and running... see: 

    and let me know if it helps.

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    I would recommend trying Cycling 74's free Soundflower utility: With it I can easily pass audio between Live and SuperCollider. Here's how I did it (OS X):

    Install Soundflower

    1. The installation should include a utility called 'Soundflowerbed'. Start it. A little flowery icon should appear in the notification bar

    2. Click the flower icon and select 'Built-in Output' underneath 'Soundflower (16ch)' (by default this will route Soundflower's channels 1 and 2 to your sound card's left and right outputs, respectively)

    Configure Live to use Soundflower

    1. Start-up Live and set the input and output devices to 'Soundflower (16ch) (16 In, 16 Out)

    2. Enable at least channels 1 through 4 in the IO configuration of Live.

    3. Since channels 1 and 2 are routed to your sound card's outputs, reserve those for the master output.

    Configure SuperCollider (from here on in YMMV)

    1. Start-up SuperCollider (don't boot the server, though!)

    2. Set the sound device like so (*before* you boot your SC server):

        Server.internal.options.device = "Soundflower (16ch)";
        Server.local.options.device = "Soundflower (16ch)";

    Test it out

    In Live, setup a channel to send audio to channel 3. SuperCollider will receive this audio on channel 2 (since it's zero-based). Make sure your local and internal servers are running and try the following:

        {}.scope(1, zoom:4);

    You should see some sound in a scope. Now try routing audio to Live. Create a new audio channel in Live and set it to monitor channel 4. In SuperCollider evaluate the following:

        {,, 0, 1))}.play;

    And you should get some audio streaming into Live.

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