Scene launch buttons sending midi to keystroke for hot swap

Im wanting to map the unused scene launch buttons in note mode to the hot swap button "Q" in Ableton so I can swap samples from the LP...
I found an app called ministroke which is perfect.
Then map 3 more buttons for up and down arrow and enter button.
The only problem is *** The buttons are latching, so I have to press them twice for one click. Can I change this? ***
Another problem is... Im using them on channel 1, so when I use them as scene launch in session view, they still send keystrokes
Also, can I send some kind of led output to them to show what they do coloured? 
Another thing Ive almost done is map the buttons to this m4l patch to change vet presets via program change... [url][/url]

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tomobri3n 1 year ago | 0 comments

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