How can I get my Ableton backing tracks to be sent out in stereo to a soundboard from a MacBook Pro??

I recently purchased some multitracks from Interactive Worship Live which essentially just gives you what the artist recorded, plus a guide voice.  I'm going to need to hook this up to my church soundboard (Yamaha M7CL).  How will I do this to be able to send out a stereo track of the master mix as well as another of just the click track and guide voice?  My main goal is to have the mix of the tracks coming out the main speakers and the click track and guide voice going through my IEMs.  Suggestions?  I'm new to this side of Ableton and that stuff...

Thanks so much!


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    If I'm understanding your question correctly - the easiest thing to do would be to use an audio interface with multiple outputs. These are fairly cheap and can be connected to your computer via USB or Firewire. From there, it's just about routing your audio to the various outputs of your audio interface. You can assign your various tracks in Live to different outputs using "Audio To" or "MIDI To" at the bottom of each track. From there you can run 1/4" or XLR cables out of your interface and into the snake and/or soundboard. Hopefully I haven't over-simplified your question but I believe this is the information you're after.


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