How can I get Miroslav Philharmonik to function properly in Ableton? - please help

I purchased a copy of Miroslav philharmonik from IKmultimedia a while ago but have had a torrent of issues getting it to function correctly in Ableton live 8. I had discovered that the two products had a history of not working together correctly but thought this would be an easy issue to solve. The first signs of trouble were that Ableton was seeing Miroslav Philharmonik as a VST effect and not a VST instrument. The problem I am having is that Miroslav Philharmonik will work when I run it as a standalone but not when I attempt to launch it in Ableton. Whenever I open it I am presented with the message 'Registry error: Please ensure that the product is installed correctly'. I assume it must be as it functions in the standalone mode. I have already tried using the jbridge software after following a highly recommended youtube help video and of course made sure the correct dll files are in the folder I have told Ableton to search in.

I don't have many other VST instruments but they all work fine, even the ones I downloaded for free.


Globex 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Nicky Blunt
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    is this a pc or mac issue or an issue with both operating systems, i was going to buy this. but don't want to if it's not going to work

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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