How can I filter instrument rack macros to control only the devices pointed by the chain selector?

Hi! I'm currently working on a live-looping template for my apc40 and impulse 61 with Ableton 8. At the moment I setted up live in this way: each midi channel of my impulse is routing to a specific instrument rack containing all the sounds of a certain type (Pianos, Leads, Pads, drum kits etc), and then I switch trough them with the chain selector controlled by a specific midichan, and this is working great, also knobs and buttons are mapped in this way. But the problem is:

I want to live manipulate the sounds I'm currently playing, so I take 8 controls by my soft synths and midimap all of them to the 8 macros in the instrument rack, but in this way every change I make to the sound I'm currently playing reflects also on the other ones in the rack, messing up all my presets... So I need a sort of filter, because I want the macros to control only the device pointed by the chain selector, and not all the other ones... I think this is possible only with max, but I'm quite a nooby with it so if someone could suggest me something this would be very appreciated...

Excuses for the bad english...


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  • Kotito
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    Hi, I've exactly the same problem. Did you find any solution yet?

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