How can I fade out tracks spontanously?

Hello everyone

We use Ableton in a live band setting to play backing tracks as well as a click track. We have different scenes for different songs.

I'd like to assign an "emergency button" which fades out certain tracks (smoothly) but leaves the click track untouched.

My idea was to create a silent audio or a MIDI clip with an envelope that controls the volume of the regarding tracks.

But obviously I cannot assign the volume of a track to the envelope of a different one. Or at least I did not found out how.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks for your help




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  • profound_
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    Have you tried using macro knobs?


    Try sending the audio of the tracks you wish to fade, into a new audio track(s)

    Group them, then create macro knobs that controls the volume of all but the click track.


    As far getting a smooth fade, try mapping the volumes of all the tracks into that one macro knob.


    Hope this helps 


    - pfnd


    2 years ago | 0 comments

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