How can I fade out a vst? (for instance this vst is creating and old record effect which i want to morph back to the original)

Probably obvious but after 2 or 3 years with Live 8 i still have no idea how to fade out a vst. I am trying to get this program which is basically an amp sim to fade out after around 30 seconds but I am dumbfounded as how to approach this. The only option I have so far is to record/bounce down the entire song onto one track in this "old record" tone, then just fade the recording out while the original still plays but this doesn't come without its pitfalls.


I'd greatly appreciate some assistance guys and gals





edit- Just as a quick note, I have tried searching google and the forums but without knowing the specific terminology I am not getting very far


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  • JuSchu
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    make a rack. put the vst in one chain and add an other empty chain.
    now open the chain-selector. when you configure it with a fade (read how to do this in the manual) you can fade from a dry signal to the wet signal.
    also it would be useful to map the chain-selector to a macro.

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  • wehkah
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    Do that:

    1. create a Audio Effect Rack

    2. create 2 chains in it

    3. map chain volume to macro 1 for both

    4. click map mode

    5. now set chain one min to 0.0db and max to -inf

        min -inf / max 0.0db  for the 2nd chain

    6. put your VST FX in the 1st chain


    now you can crossfade between the signal, a poormans dry/wet function ;)

    have fun!


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  • constant_thought
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    Sweet, thanks for the help guys. I was a bit lost but I managed to get the fade working now, and in time I'll understand what I'm actually doing haha.

    Now, time to have a play and see what else this can do ;P

    Cheers :)

    5 years ago | 0 comments

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