How can i control multi-timbral devices in a drum rack with more than the 8 macro knobs

I'm trying to set up nepheton and drumazon TR vsts in ableton drum racks so that they can be used and controlled properly by Push.  I.e. when you hit the snare pad, you can control the settings for the snare within the VST.  

In order to have a multitimbral plugin on a drum rack there are two options:

1) Place VST on the first pad and then use 'external instrument' devices grouped as racks on the other pads which trigger the one VST instance on the first pad. PROBLEM: Assigning macros only works from within the same rack.  So pad 1 (with VST) works fine, but pad 2 (snare drum accessed via external instrument device/rack) cannot automate the VST on pad 1.  

2) Multiple instances of the VST - place one instance on each pad, grouped as a rack to allow macros..hit snare, tweak snare via macro, hit clap, tweak clap via macro etc.  PROBLEM: This is obviously CPU intensive to have 16 instances of the VST running rather than 1.

in order to combat the problem of 1) I tried using 1x Max4live Midi-LFO device for each parameter you wan't to automate as these can access settings from different tracks/racks.  So on pad 2 (snare) i would have 4x macros which look back to pad 1 (with VST).  By turning the rate/depth of an LFO down you can then use automate via macro the LFO offset - the LFO then essentially becomes a device which kicks out a permanent signal which you can attenuate/amplify using offset...this works great BUT...having all these Max4live Midi-LFO (one for each knob on the VST) is actually more CPU intensive than having 16 instances of the plugin running! 

So my question is this:

Is there another more efficient way to do what i want to do and IF NOT..can you think of a way in which the Midi LFOs which are automated by macros only turn on when you need them! as they are not generating varying signal (like a normal LFO) they do not need to be running all the time!





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    Just to follow up on this..for anyone interested! 

    You can use the max-audio effect paramater mapper which allows 8 parameters to be effected by one knob...this max effect also can effect settings from different tracks and it takes less CPU than the midi-LFO.  Still wish macros were cross-channel but never mind :)

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