How can I cleanly dj a song that changes BPM without it distorting or getting off beat?

I keep trying to include songs that change BPM but it always gets off beat up or sounds weird. I cannot find any youtube tutorials or anything like that and I want the song to roll into a different tempo and not distort. Any help? If im not being clear please let me know.


Joe Nam3less 5 years ago | 1 comment

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  • Mixter-T
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    I think there is a way to automate BPM as a playback parameter, but I never figured that out.

    Here is a workaround that I came up with: (1) Make two copies of the track (different clips). (2) Warp one at the speed of the first part of the track, before the time change, let the song go off beat near the end as the BPM change is underway. (2)Change the start place to right after the BPM change on the second copy. Warp this second copy to the BPM of the second part of the song (after the change). 

    Now, during playback, make sure that the first clip (From (2) above) plays solo (at least by the time of the BPM change, cut out all other tracks). Right at the end, enter the new BPM into the BPM field in Live's interface as you begin playback of the second half of the song. I was able to pull this off pretty effectively with an APC 40...

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  • guitarist916
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    turn off warp in the clip view

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