how can I avoid time/BPM alteration to audio reference track in Live?

My question is about how to avoid any time/BPM alteration in Live on imported audio MP3 of a backing track I am going to use as reference and build upon in Live.

Live is so smart that when i drag in the audio backing track file, it sometimes (not always) appears to be mapping the audio clip to whatever the default or current BPM is. 

But, I need to make sure that the timing and tempo stays locked to the original track. Is there a way to ensure that? Thanks in advance!


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Above concludes my question, but here’s a little background in case it comes up.

My hobby is to make stripped down, acoustic music tracks for folks to sing over for karaoke performances and the like. I have been using Logic Pro X on Mac to drag in an mp3 of the original or karaoke backing track; layer on a midi piano track, acoustic guitar via mic; then drop out the backing track and export MP3 as an acoustic version. It’s important that my time stay locked onto the original, because sometimes i feed these tracks into a karaoke site engine so that they can be locked into the vocal/lyrics sync of the original. 

I am moving this process to PC now and, as a Live 9 standard owner, want to do this in Live and not Cubase. I have owned Live from when I used to do more ambitious beats making and multi-tracking.  Everything is setting up great, no midi latency, audio/mic handling is great – there is only one aspect confusing me. Live is so smart that when i drag in the audio file, sometime it appears to be mapping the audio clip to whatever the default or current BPM is. 



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    Before you go any further I really suggest reading a bit about warping in the manual.

    To get you on your way; go to Live's preferences and open the record/warp/launch tab. Find the function "auto warp long samples" and turn it off. Now, every backing track you load will not be warped, but keep its original tempo.

    You can also try turning off the warp function in the clip editor, but the first method I described is easier.

    However, if you want to use the backing track/mp3 as a sort of template, make sure the project tempo matches the tempo of that track, so everything lines up with the grid.

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