How can I automate return or master tracks in session view?

I'd like to make automation in returns tracks or in the master track in session view.



leotone 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • sixohsix
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    There is no way to do it directly in Live, but I've seen people do it with a bit of trickery.

    Method One: set the return track to Sends Only. Create a new Audio Track and set it to receive from your return track. Turn monitoring on. Move your effects to this track instead of the return. Add dummy (silent) clips, and on those clips store the modulation for your effects. Done.

    Method two: On Mac OS X, in Audio MIDI Settings you can create a MIDI device that functions as a loopback. MIDI data going into its input immediately arrives at its output. (You can probably do this in Windows, but I don't know how).

    Create such a device and configure Live to use it. Create a new audio track to store your Send Automation and put in a silent dummy clip with a modulation track of some sort.

    Set the MIDI output of the track modulation to some parameter of the loopback MIDI device. Finally, map the same parameter from the output of the loopback MIDI device to the Send parameter you want to control.

    Yes, this is confusing as heck, but if you really need master/return automation in session view, this is the only way I know how to get it.

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  • JaredQPittman
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    Dragonbreath's answer is kind of misleading... you CAN automate in session view, but you're going to have to stick to automating clip envelopes on your tracks instead of on the actual returns or your master.

    If you have M4L however, there are ways in which you can automate the paramaters of the effects in your return tracks via M4L LFO devices such as synnack's LineFO (, or Ivehon's 3X Paramater Sequencer (


    Hope that helps

    6 years ago | 1 comment
  • muaB
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    I kinda got it. sends must be turned on in the mixer on the channel you wanna automate on first, then the send automation of a clip in session view takes effekt. maybe this is helpful. or not. :)

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  • Mister-vAx
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    I use a fake midi track with a "Max API AMap1" device (from M4L Building tools).

    From there I map Control button to any knob in any track including returns/master.


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  • Dragonbreath
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    You cant automate in session view.

    Automate it in arrangement. even If your running everything else from session

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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