How can get my NI VST plugin back in my Live 8 lite ?

Hello ! I have Live 8 lite for more than a year and did record many songs projects, using mainly Native Instruments plugins (mostly on Kontakt 5, and Guitar Rig Pro 5). From the beginning, I could always find them in the plugins window located in the far left. This morning I tried to install a free VST plugin for the first time, using the VST scan in the file/folder page. Alas, doing this, I lost all the VST plugins that would come automatically in the plugin window. And I can't find a way to load them back. Does anyone have a clue how I could get them back ?

Cheers Olivier


olihawks 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • TravisSpomer
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    Set your VST location back to what it was before, and possibly scan again.

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  • olihawks
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    Thank you Travis. I may sound silly but I haven't got a clue ho to set it back. You see, until yesterday I had never been in the preferences/file folders/vst page so I don't know how the vst section (underneath the scan) was. When i bought my natve instruments plugins and installed them, everything was automatic, and the first time I used them, they were shown on the left hand side window. Is there a way/action/button to reset the settings/preferences ?

    4 years ago | 1 comment
  • FB
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    Maybe a bit late after 12 months, but....

    Go to preferences - file/folder - vst custom folder - browse to: C:\ program files/native instruments/vst plugins 32 or 64 bit. Make this your vst custom folder. Rescan and find all your NI plugins in lives browser again.



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