How best to use sampled Casio note in Live 9?

I have a 4sec sampled note from a Casio which i recorded.  I opened a "Template" in Sampler and dropped the Casio WAV into it. I can play it w MIDI device (Akai MPKmini) and play along w the beat i have there already, but how can i get it to "record" what i'm playing so that i can listen to it afterwards? 




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    Firstly, you need to enable recording on the sampler track you have the Casio samples in.

    If you are recording a clip in the arrangement view, then you need to click on the little round button in the clip on the Sampler track.  If you intend to record into the arrangement, then you need to click the record button at the top of the screen.  It's the button with the black round symbol that looks like a ball in the bar right at the top.

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