How are media files referenced in drum rack .adg files

I got a folder with .adg files, including samples. The author of the drum racks told me, that they could simply drag the .adg files into a drum rack, and it works. They can also drag the top level folder that they gave me into "Places" in Ableton, and select any .adg drum rack form there, and it works fine.

When I do the same thing, I get "Media files are missing. Please click here to learn more." Now I can use "Automatic Search" in the "Missing Media Files" dialog, which finds all the samples, but I still have to confirm them one by one, which is annoying and time consuming, since I have lots of .adg files.

Now my question is: Why does it work for them, and not for me? How are those media files referenced? Might the problem be, that the media files are referenced as absolute paths, and I need to put them in the same folder as they did?

And as a side question: is there no other way, after doing "Automatic Search" to find all samples, than to click through each file and confirm the one file it found? It seems a bit strange to me, that Ableton wouldn't simply apply all media files if there is only one candidate.


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enyo 1 year ago | 0 comments

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