How to master slave live ovcer network

Hi all,

I am in the final stages of setting live up for running baking tracks for a christmas production.


I will be running my iMac at FOH mix position direct into our digital board for tracks, and ease of having ableton run light via midi.

However i would also like for our drummer to be able to trigger scenes with midi pads from his position on stage.

I am wondering if any would say know a way if i ran a laptop on stage with a clone of the ableton set how he can do this


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  • RobPaper
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    do you own max msp? do you have an ipad? is there wifi in the building? I think if you have wifi and an ipad you should use touch osc on ipad to trigger anything midi over a tcp/ip network. if you have max/msp, you do not need the ipad, you can send and receive midi between two computers running max. if you only own one copy of max, you can use a max runtime on one of the computers. substitute any android or iphone if you do not have an ipad.

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  • [daw] Ableton staff
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    Hi all, 

    Live can definitely be synced over a network, and we condensed all necessary steps into the following Knowledge Base article:

    It is slightly easier on a Mac, but in the last chapter you can also find an option for windows machines. 



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  • aidanv
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    thanks dave.


    I have tryed the setup found in this video


    however the problem i have is all is i go to launch in arrangement mode from master and it launchs in session on the slave.


    do i just remove the audio from session or do i have no option but to run in session


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