Highlights when using a mixer MIDI-controller utilizing the Mackie Control remote script

I recently bought an icon icontrols pro, and its working like a charm with Ableton, since it' using the default MackieControl remote script. However, it would be so much more usable if I were able to see which tracks are currently represented on the controller with the red box highlight as with the APC40. Thing is I have no clue on programming in Python, but I wonder if anyone else has a clue or if a modified MackieControl script for Ableton has already been made? I figure it's really helpful for anyone using a controller without a display for mixing...



Jesper Ryom 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • dr.mysterium
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    I use the Hanz Petrov FCB1020 script, for the new iConPad Mixer Controller. It uses touch faders much like your motorized faders, I believe.
    The script is found here. It's one of the best 'generic' mixer control scripts I've found, easy to edit and very stable.

    I use the iConPad Editor to change the midi cc and notes the controller sends, to correspond with the script cc and note values. I then add any # values to the script that are empty (-1 value), that I need for mixer control(s). I change the 'red box' size to 8w x 1h.
    After configuration, Select your controller as the input and output for the script and you should have led feedback and fader automation.

    Dr. M

    3 years ago | 1 comment

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