High latency with a specific set


I am experiencing extremely high latency for a specific set.  I'm not exactly how long, but it's probably somewhere on the order of 50-100ms.  I experience it with both analog inputs (guitar), and with USB MIDI devices.  

Sample rate is 48k, buffer size is 512 sample, driver error compensation is set to 0.  Track delay is set to 0ms for every track.  I am using 14 different output tracks all routed to one interface.  The set in question is pretty large and complicated, but that probably shouldn't affect the latency, especially when the playback is stopped, right?

When I open up a new set, there is no extreme latency.  Also, when I use Logic, the latency issue disappears.  I had an issue like this previously when I changed one of the track delay settings, but it was resolved when I changed it back to zero.


Any ideas?




Schwactopus 1 year ago | 0 comments

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  • captaincosmetic
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    hi, same problem here. high latency when recording audio, about 100ms. what i discovered: i use ableton 9.7.1, but recorded into projects startet with ableton 9.5. so my conclusion is that this is the problem. because when i start a new project and add all the tracks from the old project and record, there is no latency....

    i checked this on an alternative computer with the same setup and the same projects -> same problems, same solution.

    so please ableton team: please help!

    1 year ago | 0 comments
  • Rob Owen
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    I also have this problem but only when I have a few instances of neutron and ozone ruining as plugins in the project. I turn them all off if I need to add in some takes, then back on again. I suggest turning off any cpu hungry devices in your project when you need low latency.

    1 month ago | 0 comments

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