High latency

I am using Ableton Suite for playing live as pianist / backtracks. As it is used for live performance and live playing sounds, I want to have as low latency as possible. Now I am on 30ms (only output). It is quiet incomfortable playing faster stuff with this latency, so I am looking for some workaround how to reduce it. 

I already runned DPC latency check and it told that min latecny I can got from my laptop is 1ms. 
I am using 2 soundcards: Lexicon Omega and Motu Ultralite mkIII. 
Both of them are acting pretty same in this situation. 

I monitored CPU adn RAM usage while playing and also CPU % that ableton shows.
When abletons CPU meter went to like 80% usage, audio started dropping out (yea, I know what is buffer size :) ) but the laptops monitoring window shows about 30% CPU and not much businness going on CPU and/or RAM. 

I tried both ASIO and native drivers. Same results.

I do not know what to do now. I know that some people have their latency like 6ms or so. I thougth that it is my laptops issue, but i ran that DPC check and it seems pretty normal. 

I have optimized my OS (win10 btw) for audio.

CPU: i5 4core 2.64GHz
HDD: 5200rpm

So the question is: How to reduce latency on laptop, that seems to be capable of handle that but i doesnt? 

PS: I am using 32bit Ableton on 64bit OS (because of VST stuff). Can it be the problem?

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Ondiii 10 months ago | 0 comments

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