Hide a plug-in parameter using Configure for a VST without a GUI?


I have a particular plug-in which I love but for a few rather dangerous knobs that can throw sound at very unintended, monstrous levels, not to mention other parameters are better left alone in a performance setting due to the CPU intensity of the plug-in. I'd like to hide these parameters entirely in the plug-in configuration, but the problem is the VST itself does not have a GUI. To put this to the challenge, I'm using a number of randomizer scripts that will work on ALL visible Continuous parameters and won't know how to discriminate if it can see them.

How would you get around this issue?


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  • TheAnt
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    I would group the vst into a rack, then map the 8 (that is the limit of this system) parameters from the vst that I want to control on the group macro controls. Then use your randomizer scripts on the rack macros.


    Or at least I would try that. Maybe?

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  • Near Earth Object
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    Even if it does not have a GUI, you can see it in Live's device chain, right? If not, the vst won't be of much use to you.

    And if you click on the little arrow to open the window on the right of the vst-interface you should be able to see all the controllable parameters of that vst in the form of rotary knobs. Since you have no GUI, just click the "configure" button, then select the knobs/parameters you don't want to use, and delete them from the interface.

    All you have left now is the knobs/parameters that you want to use, and you won't turn the unused parameters by mistake.

    Hope this helps!

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